You want me to put in a code to get a code to put in a code to access my own account?! Fuck you Microsoft! Fuck you with ball cancerous necro hellraiser Flugenshaft to the nth power.


The man.


I like big dicks and I cannot lie
You other sisters can’t deny
When a guy walks in with a nice taut waist
And a smooth dong in your face
I get hung, wanna grabba
Wanna take that stick and lick ya
May be you call it magic
Or just above average
But to me it’s right in the middle of the night
Have to do bad things with ya
Dude is packed

Now forgive me for starin’
But your baggage got me glarin’
Bulge so nice gotta gander twice
Gotta double take that ice
That Kegel’s working mista
Wanna ride the long siesta
Gotta go all night with a shafta
Make it fit if I hafta
Hard and soft with a ring in the middle
I’m Sonic and you’re the fiddle

Now I don’t go out clubbin’
Or get that one night lovin’
But a pretty fly guy with manners and style
I’m all over that Gomer Pyle
Tryin’ to get my satisfaction
Just want some tantric action
Don’t be rude or be a jerk
Just let me do my work
Dude is packed

Now I won’t forget the ladies
Who got something between their leggings
The trans girl is my perfection
You could call it an addiction
Pretty little face and a divining rod
So into that bod
She be phat


Sometimes I question everything and then I don’t question enough. Two sides playing tag with each other, perusing news for secrets. Giving in to ease and the luxury of passivity, apathy, low rung surrender of the quizzical mind. Matter matter burning bright, letting go of third eye sight.

I was so paranoid before, worried about everything and mistrusting all things official. Believing static on the radio was spies listening in on conversation, the devil was in the idleness of time, god judging my onanism. The spying by government turned out to be partially true but really it isn’t a coordinated masterpiece as the conspiracy goes. People just suck at things sometimes and acceptance makes life easier, why live in dreariness and constantly watch shadows and corners of the eye?

Now I kind find myself putting more trust in my variety of news sources and illuminating books. As if the AP crumbs given to news sources is so full of truth and integrity. The same wording in so many articles from different publications, borrowed breath from asthmatic delegators. Trust, no trust, do I have the time to analyze analysis? Wrapping my head around bits of culled disinformation, mind swimming with arguments and doubt. Doubt has become the paradigm of my existence.


Doubtful News: For real! A monster salamander in Kyoto

Doubtful News: For real! A monster salamander in Kyoto.


Sometimes i can’t tell if women like me or they think I’m retarded.


The Internet and a curious mind lead to many wondrous and horrible things.


Make a mess, make a mess.
Chaos looming in duress.
A spot of tea in luxury.
Queens live off deathly penury.
Fancy gowns and croquet.
Potted plants and dense decay.
Decadence on hd display.
Princess bloom princess bright.
Rainbow rule in dead of night.
Legal beagle snarling tough.
Pauper drama oh so rough.
The jungle bizness gives plenty jewels.
Diamond tiaras ornate pearls.
They know nothing of bitter plight.
They just embrace earthly delight.
Turkish czars and British fops.
Myopic royalty, golden cyclops.
See no evil speak no truth.
Lower class rhyming with proof.


"From 1980 to 1990, under the presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, the federal minimum wage remained stuck at $3.35, which led to a significant decrease in purchasing power when inflation is factored in. It then rose to $5.25 under Bill Clinton in the 1990s and was frozen at that level under George W. Bush before being increased several times by Barack Obama after 2008"

- Capitalism in the 21st Century
Thomas Piketty

Feist - Black Tongue (Mastodon Cover):