In sea turtles, gender is determined by the temperature of the sand on the nesting beaches, with cool beaches producing more males and warm beaches more females.


It was that typical love at first sight. Stereotypical stereoscopic monomaniacal hi fidelity. I was bumblestumped at first glance, I almost froze at the glimpsing of that flaxen bombshell; my solitudinous silo was ravaged, fubared in a millisecond. That new feeling confusing me and dumbing me down.

It kept growing and I was heartsunk like a sailor on shore leave meeting a hooker with a heart of gold (though nowadays it would be platinum wouldn’t it?). I don’t regret it, the pain of being the better man and not ruining a nice family. Sometimes I reminisce and get caught up in what she’d be doing now. At times the thought arises that she had another kid with that dickweed and I get hot pot angry. But ce la vie, que what the fuck.

It definitely was a necessary lesson and informed my views on life and relationships. I was beyond my peers in what love really was and suffering from depression at the same time opened my eyes to this infinitesimal power, the only good thing in this world; untainted emo train, chugalug to this day.

I guess it was the most important moment in my life, I had been stripped of all pretension and was actually living, proof that it was possible for a messed up sensitive boy like me. I accepted her in all ways and I crave to be that way with everyone. No judgement, no looking down at all. I guess a utopia of two is all we can hope for at the moment. Good enough I wager.


"Lack of sustained progress is most clearly reflected in trends in income inequality. In 1970 the median income for blacks for instance, was 74 percent that of whites, and in 2012 the median income for blacks had increased to only 78 percent of whites (U.S.CensusBureau2012b). A similar lack of progress is evident with Hispanics. In 1995, the median income for Hispanics was 65 percentt that of whites, and in 2012 the median income for Hispanics had increased to only 72 percent of whites (U.S.CensusBureau2012b)"

- The Meritocracy Myth
Stephen J. McNamee

Snare Crumbs


"For any human being in existence to think that there is nothing in the whole world superior to himself would be an insane piece of arrogance."

- Greek philosopher Chrysippus
Pale Blue Dot
Carl Sagan

Science is always the underdog expected to do tricks.


That sweet supple nectar ravaging my catacomb brain. Loftily dripping tender trumpeting temptations down the addled addict center. Forthwith I am betaken, bumblestumped to resist the lusty wafts of our own ambrosia. Those dotted and dewed bottles of unequivocal livations.

I place my heels upon the unforgiving ground but alas the pull is mighty and the poignant draft calls me nightly. But a copper left and all of it must be spent on that Allahforsaken draught. Honeyed whisperings in a beggars ear, the fool is me at my usual chair. The wood it harkens for me to come about. No laying in the depressed bed, tis time for replenishing stout.

Pockets empty, I’ve gone and drunk it all. A pittance biweekly and all for drunken Tom; the master of mine mischief, the seeker of retched retching and follower of inebriation. Wining, dining, all good fun within the hours. Pub crawl and away with thee, I slur my merry way home.

And what may happen next day when tempers thin, when dizzy highs come falling in? I assure you all is accounted for, no regrets nor devastation wrought. I played the part of amiable drunk, no bitters except for what’s in my mug. No fights or fouls do I foresee but only cheers and toasts for me. A proper man handles spirits well, and if not, a gentleman will never tell.

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Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino

Art does not need to conform to your preferences. It stands by it’s own merits irrespective of societal standards and tastes. It is the pinnacle of human expression.


500px: tear   

500px: tear.


A name is an arrangement of syllables that only makes sense when privy to the face that belongs to it.